1973 Festival de Flor Y Canto

Town & Gown Hall, University of Southern California

© 1973 & 2008 Michael V. Sedano.
All rights reserved.

El Festival de Flor Y Canto was produced by El Centro Chicano. Here's a nostalgic collection of images of that original centro.

Read about the Zeta suite at La Bloga.

These artist and audience photos document a landmark event in chicanarte, the first Festival de Flor Y Canto. USC public television and El Centro Chicano videotape of the event has limited availability. Alurista edited the festival anthology collecting work by selected writers. Shot hand held on Tri-X or Ektachrome on a Topcon RE Super with a 58mm 1.4 lens, or a Topcor 200 mm f5.6 lens. Several of these were published in the Daily Trojan but most of the images shown here are available for the first time. Here is information on museum quality digital reprints.